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2022-05-16 - Teardowns! Check out the new Starlink Router, and a couple of odd USB-Ethernet adapters!

2021-11-27 - Two updates in one year? I'm right on schedual. I've posted the final update to the VCFW2021 page, and I've put together a overview of a home NAS project based on a Beagelboard X15.

2021-08-12 - I bought a couple of Ti-92 Pluses because I needed a desk calculator. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled one apart.

2020-10-11 - eBay is a wonderful place to find odd hardware. Check out this teardown of a General Dynamics military headset/USB audio interface box, for example.

2020-01-11 - It's been a while; I've put together a bunch of updates for ya'll: Wiimote, water tank level monitors V1 and V2, and teardown of a Mitsubishi satellite terminal.

2015-08-03 - I put together a parts kit (unofficially) for DEFCON 23 Hardware Hacking Village. Check out the documentation here.

2015-04-09 - After several years (!) of on-again-off-again development my 32 digit LED displays are up for sale!

2015-03-31 - Recycling old game console hardware for fun and profit. Check out how to attach an Xbox 360 RF module to a desktop computer.

2014-09-27 - Interested in inadvisable, high speed/zero visibility applications of high capacity power storage products? Take a look at my 1320 lumen bike light.

2014-07-31 - Been working like crazy on my 6502sbc project; I had hoped to have it ready for DEFCON 22 but no such luck. Might bring it anyway. Made a new landing page for it and it's newly developed prehiprials: a two channel servo controller and an eight channel ADC. Also posted some notes I've been making regarding the HTC Dream I picked up recently.

2014-05-14 - Spent the last couple of months working on a simple bench-top power supply. Somehow didn't burn the house down.

2014-01-11 - Progress!

A test board has been built up, the CPLD works, and I'm diving into the firmware.

2013-10-08 - 65C02 SBC boards are off to the printer.

2013-08-29 - I start my investigations into building a 'low cost' two axis multipurpose desktop CNC table.